Catering Logo Mats

If you own a restaurant or cafe it’s important to look after your customers and keep them happy. Also, due to the nature of your business, there can be a constant flow of foot traffic as customers enter and leave your premises which can cause a lot of damage to your carpet or flooring. This can be a big problem, especially during the winter months with slush, water and dirt being brought in, and also with  dust and dirt during the summers months.

Why not solve both problems by having your restaurant or cafe logo displayed on a high quality floor mat. Not only will you be promoting your business but you will also be helping to protect your carpet of flooring, therefor saving money in the long term. Our dual purpose logo mats not only look great, but are designed to remove dust and debris from entering your premises.

You could also place other mats in key areas of your restaurant to further promote your business.

Custom Sizes and different colour options available

The designs below are just a few examples of catering themed mat designs. We are also able to produce unique logo mats at no extra cost. So if you have a design in mind then please send us your artwork and other details through our Order Page. Firstly we will confirm the total price and then we will draw up the design proof. Then within 24 hours we will send back to you a PDF proof for your approval.

We will redraw your artwork from scratch to make it comply with our colour palette, so the quality of artwork you supply is not that important. But obviously the better the artwork you provide will make it easier for us to produce the results you want.

Remember, there’s NO design charge!

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